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Around the Mission: 5/25 Padres Links

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  • Gonzalez, Cruz named Players of Week | News
    Padres first baseman Adrian Gonzalez and Rangers right fielder Nelson Cruz -- two thriving sluggers for a couple of first-place West-division teams -- were named Players of the Week for their respective leagues on Monday.

  • PADRES: Outfielders are coming up empty
    "He'll hit," general manager Jed Hoyer said of Blanks. "He's always hit in the minor leagues. He's performed everywhere at a young age. Some guys have a longer adjustment period than others. The good part is we've played well anyway, and hopefully he'll start to pick us up.

  • An Open Letter To The Washington Nationals
    "It is time Nationals. But it all has to start with one roster move."

  • The Official Blog of Matt Antonelli: DOCTOR VISIT
    "Here is a picture of my hand I took today. It wouldn't win any beauty pageants, but it looks a lot better than it did only one week ago."

  • Friars on Cardboard
    Check out "The Klesko Facial Hair Chronicles"

  • Padres Trail: Odds and ends and the Cardinals
    "Finally, since the next Padre opponent is the other MLB team I blog about, I am going to try something daring: do a game recap for each of the 3 Cardinal/Padre games from the perspective of each team's fanbase. I don't think this has been attempted anywhere ever by the same writer. It might suck, it might be great, it might cause the Mayan Doomsday Prophecy to happen 2 years early - I don't know. But it'll be fun nonetheless."