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Around the Mission: 5/19 Padres Links

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  • Latos Giant Pain, but Not to Every Bochy -- MLB FanHouse
    "If the fan didn't catch it, that's not my fault," he said on Monday. "When the ball's out of my hand, I can't help if the guy didn't catch it and the ball happened to bounce."

  • Padres Formula Fizzles, Giants Win 7-6 in 12
    Padres manager Bud Black described the Giants comeback as a "rare bad night for the ‘pen"

  • Riders on the Storm
    Geoff takes a trip up I-15 to watch the kids at Lake Elsinore play.

  • Has Bud Black Got the Message About Blanks? | Chicken Friars | A San Diego Padres Blog
    The question now is if Bud Black finally got the message that Blanks is better against righties, or if this is just a benching due to his 6-for-62 slump?

  • Padres fall to Giants in extra innings
    Manager Bud Black could not offer any official update on the status of Blanks and Thatcher, but noted that both said they were "sore." Apparently Blanks was well enough to pinch hit as he was in the on deck circle when Headley struck out.