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Open Thread, 5/18/2010: Padres vs Giants

I like these quick little two game sets. It's just enough time for a team to appear and then disappear and have people be like, "WTF just happened?"

When a team has beaten another team a bunch of times in a row, who feels the most pressure? I think it's the fans of the team that has been winning. i.e. me. The way I figure it, the winning team is pretty well relaxed and confident. The losing team may be playing tight, but they're also in a state of disbelief. The fans of the losing team have taken to exasperation. Us though... The fans of the winning team... We're worried that our team is going to be too relaxed and therefore not mind if a loss happens and therefore a win becomes very difficult to imagine. I know that don't make no sense.

There was an earthquake today and I briefly imagined myself at the ballpark and having the earth move in such a way that hot dogs were violently tossed out of nearby stands only to land safely in my hands. That would be God's way of making sure I had me some hot dogs.



San Francisco Giants @ San Diego Padres

05/18/10 7:05 PM PDT

San Francisco Giants San Diego Padres
Aaron Rowand - CF Jerry Hairston Jr. - RF
Andres Torres - LF David Eckstein - 2B
Pablo Sandoval - 3B Adrian Gonzalez - 1B
Aubrey Huff - 1B Chase Headley - 3B
Juan Uribe - SS Nick Hundley - C
Nate Schierholtz - RF Oscar Salazar - LF
Eli Whiteside - C Chris Denorfia - CF
Matt Downs - 2B Everth Cabrera - SS
Jonathan Sanchez - P Mat Latos - P