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Around the Mission: 5/18 Padres Links

  • Padres shares thoughts on Breitbard | News
    "Bob was a proud San Diegan who dedicated his life to being a champion for San Diego sports. He was instrumental in bringing the Padres and the Chargers to 'America's Finest City,' and he worked tirelessly to fulfill his vision of San Diego as a big league community. Our hearts and prayers go out to Bob's family."

  • Padres' mastery of Giants continues -
    "It’s tricky in baseball, you are not used to seeing guys over and over like this," said Richard. "It’s important not to make the same mistakes."

  • Sanchez vs. Latos means odd ball -
    "You can pitch a no-hitter," Sanchez said Monday, "and still lose."

  • PADRES NOTES: Long spring audition pays off for Denorfia 
    "I was definitely choking back some tears."

  • PADRES: Giants find new way to lose to NL West rival
    Bell pitched his way through a distracting ninth inning. He faced two lengthy delays as fans ran onto the field and had to be subdued by security guards.

  • Ledge? What Ledge? – Ducksnorts
    "Beyond the fact that the hitters aren’t doing anything, I don’t see a problem. I mean, that is a problem, but it’s nothing new."

  • Examining Luke Gregerson’s Slider :: Friar Forecast
    "Of course, it doesn’t take statistics for most of us to realize Gregerson has a good slider. That is evident by watching the games and the horrific hacks taken at the pitch by opposing hitters."

  • Unfinished Business: Back To The Giants
    "Gameplan: forget about the Dodgers series like, right now. Erase it from the memory. Focus on beating the Giants. Be thankful that we're not facing Timmy, but hope that the Giants are scared that they have to face Mat Latos again. Let's get this. "

  • The Official Blog of Matt Antonelli: MAIL BAG
    Below is a picture of my hand I took today. If you think it looks gross, it feels even worse to the touch. I know it looks like I drew on myself, but the long line is where they cut my hand to open it up and the holes are from the stitches.

  • Attendance Follow Up and the Missing Offense
    "Will Venable and Kyle Blanks need to be sent down to AAA ASAP."