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Game Thread: 5/17 Padres vs. Giants

Here we are at the start of a weird two game series that leads us into interleague play.

The Giants see their weakened Padres prey laying seemingly helpless on the ground. Yet they are cautious because they remember the losses they suffered from a ruthless baseball team that has not allowed them to win a single game.

I'm not going to put too much time into this Game Thread in the case that Dex decides to delete it on a whim.

Go Padres!


San Francisco Giants @ San Diego Padres

05/17/10 7:05 PM PDT

San Francisco Giants San Diego Padres
Aaron Rowand - CF Tony Gwynn Jr. - CF
Andres Torres - LF David Eckstein - 2B
Pablo Sandoval - 3B Adrian Gonzalez - 1B
Bengie Molina - C Chase Headley - 3B
Aubrey Huff - 1B Yorvit Torrealba - C
Juan Uribe - SS Will Venable - RF
Matt Downs - 2B Kyle Blanks - LF
Nate Schierholtz - RF Jerry Hairston Jr. - SS
Matt Cain - P Clayton Richard - P