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San Diego Padres Fan Confidence Poll: 5/17/2010

In an attempt to get our Fan Confidence Polls back on schedule we're going to have to take another one today. This is like a pop quiz. Nobody expected Fan Confidence Polls in this close succession I'm guessing we'll get a more realistic look at your true feelings towards the San Diego Padres, because you haven't had time to study and temper your feelings in advance of this crucial poll.

One might think that after watching our boys get swept by the Dodgers and having their fans wave "This is my town!" towels in our collective faces all weekend that our confidence might have been shaken. I got a good look at some of those Dodger fans waving the towels yesterday and I think they meant it, we may be part of Los Angeles County now. I was scared.

On the way out of the park yesterday I saw a Dodger couple fighting at the top of the stairs of the main entrance. She screamed at him "I saw you! You were touching her!" He was exasperated and trying not to make a scene saying "Can we please just go?" He'd try to take her by the hand and she'd back away from him like he caught the cooties from the skank he was touching earlier. Eventually she did get closer to him, but that was only to slap him as hard as she could across the neck (I think she was aiming for the cheek).

Now that short interlude doesn't have anything to do with Fan Confidence Polls, but this does:

The rules are simple. On a scale of 0 to 10, 0 being no confidence at all, 10 being absolute confidence, How confident are you in the San Diego Padres organization?

"Confidence" is just about anything you want to interpret it as. The front office, the future prospects, the play on the field, the park, etc etc etc.