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Around the Mission: 5/17 Padres Links

  • Dodgers Beat Padres At Their Own Game
    "I blinked," said LeBlanc, "I was trying to keep up with Billingsley and the pitches he was making and I blinked."

  • LeBlanc blinks first, loses duel to Dodgers | News
    "We know what that feels like, too," Padres manager Bud Black said. "We've been on the other end of those as well. We'll keep plugging. Our guys are pitching well, but we have to get the offense going."

  • PADRES NOTES: Blanks goes back to the basics at the plate
    "Mechanically, there's nothing wrong," Blanks said. "I've been relaxed up there. The last three weeks have kind of been a mental awakening. I have to get back to the basics and take a bulldog attitude up there. That's the biggest thing I've been working on because I can look at all the video I want, but at the end of the day, if there's nothing wrong with the swing, there's nothing wrong. You can't just try to pick it apart and find something.
  • Hey Padre Fans…Just Stay Home!
    "I did what I always do. I stayed home. You? Well, you did what you never do. You showed up. Three games, three sellouts. A total of 126,819 of you in all. And how’d that work out?"
  • Hairston sits out with hamstring injury | News
    "He has a little bit of a nagging hamstring," Black said prior to Sunday's series finale with the Dodgers. "It occurred [Saturday]."


  • Dodgers sweep punchless Padres -
    "It’s a long season, there are ebbs and flows," Padres manager Bud Black said after his club lost a third straight game for the first time this season.
  • Websoulsurfer: Time to fish or cut bait. Better yet cut Stairs.
    "So Jed, cut Stairs, send Blanks to AAA to find his confidence again and bring up Denorfia and Baxter or Cooper. Denorfia becomes the 4th OF and Baxter/Cooper becomes the bat off the bench and backup at 1B."
  • State of the offense :: Friar Forecast
    "In conclusion, yeah, the hitting has been bad. I doubt that it is going to get *a lot* better with this current roster. "
  • Cabrera back in lineup after day off | News
    "Jerry has done a nice job at shortstop," Black said. "All those guys have done a nice job defensively, [second baseman David Eckstein], Jerry and Everth."

  • Correia finds solace on hill even in defeat | News
    "That's what I'm used to doing," Correia said. "I get on the mound, that's when I'm the most comfortable. It felt like a normal start for me."

  • Russell takes well-worn path to Portland | News
    "Eventually, if you keep doing that, you're going to find a spot somewhere. But you've also got to keep that role and be that guy who is doing well so you're the one who they keep calling up."

  • Hairston injury could hamstring offense -
    "It’s not playable right now," Hairston said after being held out of Sunday’s game. "They are going to evaluate it again every day."

  • Pitcher went back, way back, to the basics -
    "Over the past three seasons, I had developed an awkward delivery," Inman said. "I looked like a javelin thrower. I was always a little unorthodox. But it had spun out of control.

  • PADRES NOTES: Hamstring strain could land Hairston on disabled list
    "It's really sore," Hairston said. "It's a mild strain, not anything serious. We'll just see how we progress the next couple of days.

  • PADRES: LeBlanc masterful, but Padres can't touch Billingsley as L.A. completes sweep
    "Billingsley's got a good arm, but as a group we're not swinging the bat well," manager Bud Black said. "For us to get where we want to be this season we have to show signs of hitting better as a group."

  • Surging Dodgers Tighten Up NL West -- MLB FanHouse
    As manager Bud Black conceded before Sunday's game, the task now is more challenging. Foes know more about Blanks and Venable, who have 84 strikeouts in 208 at-bats.

  • Call up Denorfia and Durango...NOW
    "Jed Hoyer needs to turn to Portland and call up Chris Denorfia and Luis Durango now."

  • Friars on Cardboard: Brian Johnson and Jeff Pearlman: Personal Heroes
    "Brian Johnson is a heck of a guy."

  • Padres make flag statement | padres, flag, diego - Opinion - YumaSun
    Dick Enberg stated, "I’m staring at the patches and something seems out of order." Mark Grant replied, "The stars are going into battle."