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What if Stephen Strasburg waited for the All Star game to debut?

Would it be possible for a baseball player to make his Major League debut in the All Star Game?  I know the ASG is only an exhibition so it probably wouldn't even count as a debut, but still, could it happen? 

I talked to Dex about it and at first we thought that the person would have to get write in votes since he wouldn't likely be on the ballot.  Dex then reminded me that if he was a pitcher all he'd have to do to get on the team is be picked by the coaching staff.

Then I thought of Stephen Strasburg

I haven't been paying too close of attention to Strasburg, but the last I heard he was supposed to come up sometime at the end of June. If he's on the 25 man roster, I think he's the best chance we've got.  He could be the least experienced rookie to ever make the team.

I contacted Beyond the Boxscore to see if they knew a way for me to find out which past All Star had the least amount of innings or games played before the game.  They offered me this list of Rookie All Stars but I'd have to figure out the details myself.  That sounds like a lot of work.

I wish there was a baseball database that I could query for this kind of information, it would make posts like this a lot more rewarding.  Imagine how good you'd feel if I were able to give you some interesting All Star data at the end of this post instead of just another let down. Le Sigh.