Gentlemen, start your BEARDS!



It's May 1. You know what that means here at Gaslamp Ball. We grow beards. Why? Because the Padres do well in May and our facial hair helps with that. Duh!

Here's the guidelines that I abide by, but you can do whatever. Just grow something. Maybe you'll like it.

  • Light grooming is allowed, especially if you need to because your shaggy appearance might get you fired from your job or make your girlfriend or wife find you less sexy.
  • Don't like beards? That's fine. Mustache it up then!
  • Ladies, you can join too. Be creative. I won't judge you.
  • Need some tips? This site has the goods.

That's it. Now put down that razor and let's crush it in May. Pass the Dos Equis, please.



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