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GM Hoyer says it will be rare instance when Hairston brothers don't start against left handed pitchers

XX Sports Radio: Jed Hoyer Interview (MP3) with Darren Smith

  • It felt good to get his first win as a GM.  Bud Black gave him the line up card and Chris Young gave him a ball signed by the team.
  • Hoyer thinks Arizona's Park is the 2nd best hitters park.  When the roof is closed it plays much more fair.
  • The biggest positive of the first three games: Adrian Gonzalez has swung the bat great.  Heath Bell came out firing.  Hairston has been good.  The guys with track records show up during the regular season. Spring performance isn't that important.
  • Hoyer hopes that Adrian doesn't get distracted by trade rumors.
  • Chad Huffman was lost off the waiver wire. The Padres were hopeful that he'd get through waivers.  He's a good right handed hitter.  They exposed him to waivers because they wanted to protect their pitching depth.  They had to put someone on waivers to add Matt Stairs.  Hoyer thinks Towers probably had something to do with Huffman being picked up by the Yankees.  Aaron Cunninham's track record is much more complete than Huffman.  Having multiple right handed hitting corner outfielders is not a good use of the 40 man roster.
  • Hoyer doesn't know what type of player Will Venable will be.  This is a big year for him.  He has the potential to hit 20 homers and steal 20 bases.  He needs to be better at strike zone control and better against left handed pitching.  He's got plenty of power player and speed, he could be one of those rare guys that has both.
  • It'll be a rare instance when the Hairston brothers both don't play against a lefty.  They'll use them occasionally versus right handed pitchers. 
  • Hoyer has very little control over the line up.  He talks with Bud Black about it, but it is Black's decision.  "Buddy has a good sense of who to play and when."
  • Latos and Richard are not on specific pitch counts. They probably won't go past 7 innings or 100 pitches.  They've built in some rest days and went with 5 pitchers rather than 4 to give guys more rest.
  • Hoyer volunteered some of his time interact with fans at the Beer Summit in Pacific Beach.  He enjoyed it. He hates the Yankees more than he hates Duke.
  • Petco Park provides a unique playing experience for teams.