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Padres lose to Diamondbacks, San Diego looks forward to football season

I am now 0-2 in Open Threads. I told jbox to open this thread up. Did he listen? Nooooooo.

I think what's most disappointing is that this was a winnable game and it also came on a night when mattherverygood failed to bring home a InfluenceSD award for us. If we lost to the Chargers, I'd have been like, "Well... They're a pro football team and we're just Gaslamp Ball." If we had lost to RJ's Fro, I'd have been like, "Well... They're able to grow facial hair." If we had lost to that soccer team, I'd have been like, "Well... Soccer's the international game." If we had actually won, I'd have been like, "Well... I kinda figured we'd win."

But we lost to a girl. Who writes about football. And like... It's not even football season right now so I'm not sure how that happened.

Anyways. I'm not going to think too hard about the loss other than to say, JBox is writing every Open Thread until he loses two in a row. And then we'll go to Jonny Dub. And if Jonny Dub loses two in a row then Richard B Wade will be writing an Open Thread.

That's right. F_ckin' Richard B Wade. That's when we get desperate.

Also, the next time there's an awards show, I'm sending matthewverygood BACK in and he better get a trophy or a certificate or some kind of embossed shit or else he's going back to matto619. Yeah. I'd go there, holmes.

In other news... I think I'm looking forward to Dick Enberg in front of a home crowd. There seems to be so much more excitement in his voice during Charger broadcasts and I'm wondering if he feeds off of the crowd a little bit like some sort of audio vampire.

I've also decided just now that I'm going to do my own new media awards show. I have no details right now, but that seems like a good idea.

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