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Gaslamp Ball is a finalist for a 2010 InfluenceSD award

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You may or may not know that Gaslamp Ball is a finalist for a 2010 InfluenceSD award for Sports.  I think the official category was "best use of new media in sports", but who knows?

You'll see other Padres Bloggers RJ's Fro and Friarhood as finalists too. Best of luck to both of them. 

There is one reason, beyond the fact that it'd just be nice to win a trophy, that I'd like Gaslamp Ball to win. 

Gaslamp Baller matthewverygood is going to be our representative at tonight's Award Ceremony at Anthology.  He'll be acting as our authorized proxy.  I'm not sure what type of awards ceremony that it's going to be, but I really hope that he has to make a speech on our behalf.

As I understand it, it'll be like Gaslamp Ball is an Avatar and matthewverygood will be Jake Sully.  Once inside his Avatar, instead of trying to have sexual relations with Na'vi, he'll try to have relations with other bloggers.  At least that's how Dex explained it to me.

So good luck, matthewverygood, I hope you are completely unprepared for your acceptance speech.  It's gonna be so good, but if we lose try have relations with a blue blogger.

You can watch the Awards Live.