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Taking Batting Practice at Petco Park

When Jon and I drove down to the ballpark we both agreed that we wanted to spend as much time playing on the field as possible, whether it be baseball or a more free for all game of grab ass.

After taking batting practice with a metal bat we all felt that we had been PETCO'D.  Probably the deepest ball we hit might have dropped in as a single in front of a center fielder.  Nevin and Klesko were right, the field is obviously too big.  It's the only explanation, either that or climate change.

Here's the guys taking batting practice and me fielding a pop fly at the end:

We had a blast and probably my favorite part of the night was the last hour where we played the infield defense for the hitters.  Jonny Dub was at first base, John Weisbarth was at second base and Dex and I were trading off as dual short stops.

We were rolling double plays at every opportunity.  We were occasionally sloppy, dropping balls and yelling things like "Stick with it!  It's Adrian Gonzalez running!  You have time!" But every so often we'd turn the double play so clean it'd be like Heath Bell's plate after a meal.

I really wish we had taken more pictures but we wanted to squeeze every last piece of fun out of the experience and there just wasn't time.  We were exhausted from running around for 2.5 hours like school kids.