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Padres Media Night: Cavnar is a catch, Weisbarth can hit!

We got invited to Padres Media Night and attended last night.  They let us take batting practice, field and taste some of the gourmet food that Petco Park has to offer. Seriously it seemed like we were participating in one of those Make-A-Wish programs, I kept waiting for somebody to tell me I had a terminal disease.

As soon as we stepped foot on the field we were recognized by Jenny Cavnar.  She said hello.  I mumbled incoherently "Is this heaven?" We stood there for a moment to soak it all in and then like the scene at the end of Field of Dreams I became choked up and said to her "You wanna have a catch?"

Jenny smiled "I'd like that."

I grabbed my glove and she grabbed John Weisbarth's ginormous softball mitt and we headed out into right field to warm up our arms.

It was a magical moment where Jenny and I tossed a baseball back and forth in the gloaming.  Jonny Dub played catch with Johnny Midnight next to us.

After our catch Jenny and I chatted behind second base for awhile when I noticed that we had been on the video screen the whole time.  They were zoomed in on us.  I proudly turned and waved while Jenny turned her back, embarrassed to be seen with me.  The camera didn't take its focus off of us.  I considered taking a knee and her hand  to make her think I had all this planned for a grand proposal, but I thought I've creeped her out enough for one day.

Next we got in line for batting practice.  Jenny had to leave but I promised her that I'd post video of John Weisbarth hitting.  I think she was hoping that he'd embarrass himself, but that dude can rip.

He entered the cage.  Amazed and giddy I shrieked "He's batting left handed!"

He started crushing the ball and he smiled.  The pitcher asked him "Why are you smiling?"

Weisbarth replied "Because I know something that you don't know."

The pitcher asked "And what is that?"

"I... am not left-handed."

Weisbarth jumps to the other side of the plate and starts killing the ball from the right side.  I gasp "You are amazing!"

Here's some video.  Notice that the pitcher plunks Weisbarth for showing him up.