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Padres fall to the Diamondbacks, 6-3. Dan Haren too sexy to handle

I think it's interesting that a team built for speed and defense should lose, in part, because of a couple of errors. It's also interesting to see an inside-the-park home run hit against us.

I was excited for a moment when the Padres got the back to back home runs in the ninth, but only for the moment.

More thoughts in bullet form:

  • The heart of the Padres order (Adrian Gonzalez, Kyle Blanks, Chase Headley) is 5-12 with a double, two home runs, 3 RBIs and 3 R
  • The rest of the team is 0-20
  • Jon Garland is not a fast worker. I've seen cathedrals built in the time it takes this guy to get to a ready position.
  • Dan Haren was lights out. I am eager to see anybody but Haren tomorrow.
  • I am eager to see more of the Diamondbacks bullpen this week if Bob Howry was any indicator of anything.
  • I know there's probably a good reason for it, but I'm looking forward to when our 1-2 hitters start behaving like 1-2 hitters.

I am now 0-1 this season in Open Threads. I've asked Jonny Dub to do tomorrows. He thinks he can do better. We'll see about that.

Still, the Dodgers lost and baseball is here! It looked gross today, but the heart is strong! The heart beats! All is not lost yet!