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Too bad the Padres couldn't open the season closer to the epicenter

I really wish Opening Day was a home opener for us here in San Diego.  Everybody tuning in around the country would see how gloomy and rainy it is here and then hear harrowing stories of the 7.2 earthquake that shook us yesterday.  We'd probably even have a series of aftershocks during the game where scrap metal and brick would fall from the surrounding buildings and onto the field.

People from the East Coast would thank their lucky stars that they live in flooded, freezing cities instead of a state that will soon sink into the sea.  They'll probably be plagued by nightmares of the horrific devastation that they watched.  Then next week when we get summer weather the beaches will be less crowded we won't have a bunch of opposing fans blabbering about their teams at Padre games.  The MLB has screwed us out of a great opportunity by not letting us open at home.