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Around the Mission: 4/3 Padres Links

  • The Official Blog of Matt Antonelli: ATHLETE FOR A DAY
    "A few months ago I did an interview for Sporting News and was asked the same question. I think the date was around November 23 when I did the interview and my answer was Tiger Woods. Little did I know that three days later he would find a way to drive his Escalade into a tree and receive a beating from a Victory Red STR8-FIT driver."

  • Lastly, It’ll Be The Padres
    "The Padres look a lot like a librarian with a sexy cosmetic makeover — walking into a pool party filled with swimsuit models. They have every right to feel better about themselves, but alas, the competition is just too tough."

  • MLB's Stale Choice for Opening Night -- MLB FanHouse
    "Folks way out there in the Northeast, meantime, could've had the Red Sox and Yankees to themselves for a night. My guess is the rest of the country would've survived."

  • National League preview: Predicted order of finish
    "With a favorable schedule to start the season, it is completely possible that the Padres could get off to hot start. But, should they falter, it will be the question of when — and not if — All-Stars Adrian Gonzalez and Heath Bell will be traded."

  • GM Hoyer plays it close to the vest -
    These are the hours that bark, the dog days of spring. The players, especially the veterans, have had enough sunblock and can’t wait for real baseball and getting back home to the golf courses they know so well. The coaches basically have said what they want to say, taught what they want to teach.

  • The Friarhood - Friarhood Radio 4.1.10
    This Season Preview edition of Friarhood Radio featured a panel discussion with special guests