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Around the Mission: 4/29 Padres Links


  • Padres delay Young's rehab stint | News
    It turns out Padres starter Chris Young will be holding off on his rehab assignment with Triple-A Portland.

  • No Respect For The Padres?
    In the latest 619 Sports podcast, Craig and Chris talk about the often-overstated concept of respect in the sports world. Do the Padres really deserve more respect after 20% of the season? What do they need to do to get more respect (and more attendance) in their home town?

  • The Padres Have Been an Excellent Fielding Team :: Friar Forecast
    "The Padres rank first in the majors in UZR/150 and third in Dewan’s Defensive Runs Saved."

  • PADRES: Big fifth inning propels Padres
    "It's hard to get off that California time," said Correia, who trailed 4-0 by the third inning. "It was an early game, and the Marlins were swinging right out of the box. I didn't feel that bad, but I felt like I had to battle for every out. I didn't get any easy outs."

  • Websoulsurfer: So who can afford to trade for Adrian Gonzalez?
    "The biggest surprise on this list? The Nationals. The Nationals are aching to get some identity as something other than the biggest losers in the game. "

  • Padres Trail: There may be something to this
    "The Padres return tonight off a 4-2 road trip, and in sole possession of first place in the Division. Nice. They face a sterner test this weekend in the offensively-loaded Milwaukee Brewers, but Milwaukee's Achilles heel is it's starting pitching, so they have a good chance to keep the momentum going."

  • THE KEPT FAITH: Streakin For the Weekend
    "As a lifelong Padre fan, it has been really hard listening to every person calling the Padre games waxing on about David Eckstein’s grit and the little things he brings to the table. But at least he has something to do with the outcome of the game. "

  • The Sacrifice Bunt: " Dear Jeff Moorad (04/28)
    The Sac Bunt wants the MLB to boycott Arizona for political reasons and the Padres to steal their All-Star Game.