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"Uh-ha, It's all good baby bay-bee,uh."

-Notorious B.I.G.


It is all good to have baseball back at Petco Park. The opening homestand is a great opportunity to catch up with all of your friends that you have not seen in five months. If you ask me, the first homestand of the year is better than the first day of school and Christmas put together. At least on Opening Day at Petco, every gets a free gift that you can wear the rest of the year, as opposed to the holiday sweater your Aunt might give you on Christmas morning.

I saw a lot of Gaslamp Ballers around Petco this first homestand. I especially like the fact that you can see Gaslamp Ball shirts all over Petco, whether they are in the top of section 325 or in the Sony Dugout Seats. I can see the second five years of this blog will be better than the first.

The other exciting thing about the first homestand of the season is searching out all of the new things at Petco.  One of the best upgrades of the off-season was changing the All-You-Can-Eat program by improving the seat location and reducing pricing. Seating is now in lower level sections (125 and 127), and prices have dropped from $37 in 2009 to $29 in 2010. I think the All-You-Can-East section might be the best value in any major league ballpark. Add the $5 14-ounce beer, and you will be set for a great day, whether the Padres win or lose.

But the Padres definitely had a winning homestand. What I love about baseball, is that every time you come to the ballpark, something different happens. Take these 9 games for an example, Padres had a 10-run inning on opening day, a 1-hit win, a few walk-offs and some great pitching along with amazing defense with everyone contributing. We even had some fantastic web gems from Jerry Hairston Jr. and Tony Gwynn that should up on Baseball Tonight. That is what great Padres baseball is all about in San Diego.

There were a lot of major changes both on and off the field that I noticed this first homestand. But the thing I appreciated most is something that the Padres are improving upon every year. But, maybe this year, it is just more noticeable. It is the the fact that I heard from a lot of fans about how affordable it was to come to the Padres game. Where else in Major League Baseball can you get into Opening Day, or any game for that matter, for just $5. 

It also seemed like a lo tof fans appreciated the new Padres Blueprint. It is a free publication that replaced the other team publication that cost $5 in the past and was published only once a month. Having the new Padres Blueprint published 10 times a season, which is basically every homestand, allows for the articles to be more relevant to what is actually occurring on the field for that homestand. Plus it is free.

It also seemed like the Padres answered some of the Gaslamp Baller's requests to bring back the FREE Frequent Friar program. The Padres did one better and made both Jr. Padres and Frequent Friar free to all fans. And you can't get more affordable than free.

This first homestand was amazing, but I am really looking forward to the next one. The Milwaukee Brewers come to Petco the last weekend in April followed by the Colorado Rockies. Padres Beerfest is Friday, April 30th and it gives fans the chance to sample some of great beer from around the world at a discounted price. Plus on Saturday, May 1st is the Jersey giveaways which is always one of the most popular nights of the year, and  the Chris Young jersey they are giving away this year is a really nice Padres blue jersey.

Photo Day is Sunday, May 2nd which is also very popular. For those of you who come early for Photo Day, be sure to come on over to FriarFit at noon at the Park at the Park after the photo session and say hello.

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