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Adrian Gonzalez: On a scale from Zero to Tony Gwynn

The Zero to Tony Gwynn scale is a rating of a Padres' importance to the San Diego Padres and their fans. The scale works to determine the relative importance of a particular Padre based on the assumption that Tony Gwynn is the perfect representation of the San Diego Padres.

Every time a national newspaper or website writes about Adrian Gonzalez they talk about how perfectly suited Gonzalez is for San Diego and the Padres.

They talk about the fact that he grew up living and playing baseball in both San Diego and Tijuana, creating that coveted link that the team hopes will bring international fans to Adrian and the Padres organization.

He's bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish, so he has the potential to be the spokesman for the club worldwide... if only he wasn't so boring. Tony Gwynn isn't bilingual, but is a gifted orator with charisma.

Adrian may be the biggest or only Padres star to ever grow up as a Padres fan. Tony Gwynn grew up in Long Beach as a Dodgers fan for Pete's sake!

Tony Gwynn invented the San Diego discount by taking less money than his market value to stay in the city and team that he loved. Adrian Gonzalez says he loves the city but winning the World Series and getting paid his fair market value are greater priorities.

Both men played Padres baseball with their less talented brothers.

Gwynn played his entire career in San Diego, all twenty seasons, winning 8 batting titles, making 15 All Star teams and winning five gold gloves. Adrian has played 4+ season with the Padres, won two gold gloves and made two appearances in the All Star game.

Now you tell me, where does Adrian Gonzalez rank on a scale from Zero to Gwynn?