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Around the Mission: 4/22 Padres Links

  • 1-hit loss to Padres a long time coming -
    "You have to try to find ways to win games and you’re not always going to be able to slug your way to wins. You’re not always going to get a ton of guys on base and move them along."

  • PADRES NOTES: No news, good news on Young front
    "My arm feels good," Young said. "My command was actually a little bit better than I expected for not being on the mound for two weeks. The first few pitches were a little rusty and then as I got into it I felt good. The final 10 pitches were my best. It was a good work day all in all."

  • PADRES: Garland helps complete sweep of Giants
    "In this park, it's what you want; in any park it is. That's just a sign of executing pitches is getting those guys to swing at stuff they don't necessarily want to swing at, put myself in better counts instead of putting them in hitter counts, and the plays were made behind me. It was a good game.

  • How ‘Bout That? | Chicken Friars | A San Diego Padres Blog
    "There was a lot that happened the last few days in the Padres world besides just the winning streak. I may or may not cover more of these things more in-depth later, but in case I continue to be strapped for time the next few days, here’s a quick rundown of what’s been going on"

  • Padres Guilty of Possession… Sole Possession – Ducksnorts
    "Come to think of it, the entire team had a monstrous homestand, hitting .260/.361/.421 with nine homers in as many games. If they keep that up, I want Randy Ready to have my baby."

  • Padres Trail: Clip And Save
    "FWIW, I looked at Padre season results from 1976-1986, and I think he was referring to 27 April 1982.  That year the Padres opened 12-4 and were tied for first.  They lost the next night and never got back atop the division.  I assumed that after 1984 being in first place wouldn't have been that novel a thing."