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Hoyer: Padres have confidence in Gwynn but will go with Scott Hairston if he's hitting

XX Sports Radio: Jed Hoyer (MP3) with Darren Smith and Randy Jones

  • We're seeing some statistical anomalies in Petco Park.  A 17 run win and a one hit win.
  • "The first run in Petco is so important."  It brings your best relievers into a game and keeps their best relievers out of the game.
  • You can't play one or two run games every night otherwise you are going to exhaust your bullpen.
  • Chase Headley won last night's game with his legs.  Headley said that they had great advance scouting of the Giants. Sanchez had a slow delivery to the plate and allowed Headley to get into scoring position.
  • Hoyer and the coaching staff talked to the players about not diving into bases head first.
  • Buddy Black told Gwynn Jr. that he was going to play Scott Hairston for a few games because Gwynn had a slow start.  Gwynn will start today after 5 days off.  The Padres have a ton of confidence in Tony but if Hairston has a hot bat then they will play him and Gwynn will be on the bench.
  • Hoyer isn't afraid to trade within the division. "If you feel like your best trade is inside the division then it is the smart thing to do."
  • Chris Young is throwing a really hard side session.  If it goes well he'll throw a simulated game in Cincinnati. 
  • "There's nothing that makes you feel worse about your own baseball career than seeing Mat Latos throw a change up at 86 or 87mph"