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Gaslamp Ball Dream Diary

If you know me, you know there are two things I hate hearing about: dreams and fantasy teams.  I obviously don't mind boring others though.  Fortunately for you I don't play in any fantasy leagues, but oh how I dream.

I haven't had a Padres dream in quite some time, but last night I had two!

  1. There I was parked at Horton Plaza for the Padres game, preparing for the long walk to Petco Park.  While standing on the corner with Dex and a few Asian girls waiting for the cross walk Mat Latos rolls up in an restored '57 Chevy with white interior and bench seats.  For some reason he has suicide doors and opens them and offers to give the Asian girls a ride to the ballpark and leaves Dex and I standing on the corner... afraid and alone.
  2. The Padres installed a ticket buying kiosk on the the third baseline near the visitor's dugout. I'm working the touch screen answering a ton of ticket questions.  Thirty people behind me are waiting impatiently.  Just when I'm about to run my credit card through, two Pad Squad girls literally push me out of the way and take my tickets and leave me to start over again.  The line of people were not happy with me and I was not happy with the Pad Squad.