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Watch Opening Day game at Petco Park on April 5th

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The Padres are once again opening up the Park at the Park for away games this year.

If you work near downtown or have the day off this would be a great way to catch the game, some rays and baseball fever on April 5th.

Imagine yourself sitting out on the grass in your work clothes worrying about grass stains while watching the Padres beat the snakes up on the big screen behind the batters eye... now imagine you have a cold $5 beer balanced between your legs, a $4 hot dog on your lap, and you're holding hand with your two best buddies.

Away at the Park

We invite you and your entire office/business to take a late lunch break to catch the first few innings of our Season Opener at the Park at the Park, where your San Diego Padres will take on the Arizona Diamondbacks. Proudly sport your Padres attire and join us at the Park in the Park, where we will be broadcasting the game free to the public on the back of the batter's eye. Cash concessions, including $5 beers and $4 hot dogs will be available as well as many others.

Jon and Dex don't know it yet but I'm going to try and convince them to spend some quality time with me. Don't tell them that I'm going to force them to hold my hands.

See you there, suckas!