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GM Jed Hoyer votes not to change Petco Park dimensions; wants to build a team around it

XX Sports Radio: Jed Hoyer Interview (MP3) with Darren Smith

  • Hoyer hopes the San Diego Chicken comes back on a fairly regular basis.  "I think it's great, I didn't grow up around here, but as mascots go it's about as good as it gets."
  • Hoyer is superstitious.  He'll get coffee at the same place on a winning streak.  He wouldn't let Jason McCleod leave his seat during the inning.
  • It was great to see patient at bats after a rough road trip.  He thinks the team was over anxious.
  • With a younger team you kind of expect inconsistent play. There will be more ups and downs.
  • "The progression of young players is definitely not linear."
  • Right away the Padres thought it was the prudent thing to do to put Chris Young on the DL.  There's no reason to rush a guy back. "We have some very capable guys that can fill that spot in the meantime."  Young is confident that it's not overly conservative.
  • The candidates to replace Young are Tim Stauffer and Wade LeBlanc.
  • The late afternoon shadows can be an advantage or a disadvantage.  Hoyer doesn't have a feel for how it will affect the games yet.
  • Petco Park is a beautiful ballpark.  He's trying to get a sense of the quirks. Loretta, Roberts and Black were telling him about it.  "Any ballpark that has extremes allows you to build around it. This is certainly an extreme ballpark for sure."  Hoyer votes not to change the ballpark, but to build a team around it.  The run scoring has dropped since they've moved the fences in.  It is now the worst park for doubles.
  • Hoyer mentions that Boston always looked for left handed hitters that could hit to the opposite field.  Darren Smith says that it sounds like Adrian Gonzalez.
  • It's hard to type when wearing a huge World Series ring.  He's worn both of his rings less than ten times.