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Around the Mission: 4/14 Padres Links

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  • PADRES: A fresh start for new reliever Stauffer
    "I'm ready and willing to do whatever they ask," Stauffer said after Monday's 17-2 home-opening win over the Atlanta Braves.

  • "Padres host Braves Wednesday night" by Padres Scorecard
    The real baseball season starts Wednesday night at Petco Park. And it’s a grind.

  • Home-opening leftovers " Blogs
    "We all know what we’re capable of," Blanks said. "It’s just a matter of falling into that zone where everyone gets relaxed and starts to ease up enough where the game slows down and today was obviously that day."

  • Bob Scanlan Hey Scan comments about our suits.
    "Most other Postgame show hosts wear a coat and tie because it brings a bit of class to the broadcast. Personally the few that I’ve seen where they were wearing polo shirts looked schlocky (is that a word?)."

  • Bob Scanlan -- Hey Scan question about rulings on rain delays
    Good question, and one that is confusing for most of us.

  • MLB Power Rankings :: Friar Forecast
    "The Padres are not a great team, but they could surprise some people by playing respectable ball this season."

  • Unfinished Business: 17 For The Padres and Top 10 For Me
    "I know that I owe big thanks to a few people whose influence is definitely part of this ranking. Gaslamp Ball has been linking my entries on their blog for a while now, and I know that that's helped me a lot."

  • Friars on Cardboard: It's Been A Minute
    "I've pulled gems like this autographed Krukkie that I didn't already have and 75 Tony Gwynns."