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Padres bring the thunder, beat the Braves 17-2, show off new home game features

Terrific game yesterday. The Padres decided to somehow harness and channel all of their frustration into a glorious victory over the Braves, liberating the uncivilized man and bringing religion to their kind.

Lots of new in-game features. I'm sure I didn't notice them all, but let me know what else there was.

One of the big things is the new free program, The Blue Print, which is a terrific play on the Padres blueprint, which only could've been made better had it been called Breakfasttown Times. The Blue Print is a smaller version of the old Padres magazine with player rosters for the next 3 opponents, articles similarly styled to the old Padres Magazine, a very nice scorecard printed on card stock (handy for keepsake games) and several money saving coupons. I'll do a proper review of it later.

The first issue also featured two collectible covers. Fancy in the pants.

Another noticeable change was the lack of digital signage encouraging noise and/or clapping. Dick and Mud were making fun of Colorado for having the cheer signage all over a recent game and I couldn't help but think that the Padres were possibly more  guilty of that than anybody. We'll see if it carries through, but I don't recall any digital friars stopping their feet, nor any green Matrix signs encouraging me to Get Loud.

There's a new in-game entertainment guy. Sort of a cross between Troy Johnson and John Weisbarth. Make fun of him now, because it's only a short amount of time before he is introduced to us and we discover that he's a really nice guy and that we are no longer allowed to make fun of him. It happens.

The Jerome's Best Seat in the House is now a sectional. Perfect for procreating.

To the delight of Gaslamp Ballers everywhere, there is now an opportunity to win 2 Free Tacos from Jack in the Box when you attend Padres games. I'm not sure what series of events has to happen for the tacos to appear magically in your hands, but jbox became visibly aroused when we realized the new addition.

The signage all around the outfield appears cleaned up as well. You can see spots of fence that look like they've been painted over.

Is that everything? What else changed? I'll be more apt to notice the changes the first game I go to where the Padres get beat 17-2 as opposed crushing the opponents 17-2.

My first win of the season is the best win ever!!!! GO PADRES!!!

Final - 4.12.2010 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Atlanta Braves 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 2 4 1
San Diego Padres 0 1 0 10 3 0 3 0 X 17 19 0
WP: Kevin Correia (1 - 1)
LP: Jair Jurrjens (0 - 1)

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