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Padres Home Opener 2010: Random Stuff

Petco Park Opening Day from Section 315
Petco Park Opening Day from Section 315
  • As soon as I stepped on the premises a cart full of Executives passed me.  I waved to Padres President and Mentor Tom Garfinkel who was riding shotgun.  He had no idea who I was... until the cart passed and he saw me from behind, then he recognizes me. I'm not a piece of meat.
  • Have you taken a close look at the Everth Cabrera sign hanging outside Petco? You might notice that Cabrera is wearing tennis shoes instead of cleats.  That little clue tells you that this photo was staged.  While that may irk some people, the shoes aren't my main issue with the sign.  If you're going to stage a picture, why use one where he has such a weird look on his face?  I would have raised an eyebrow and bit my lower lip really softly, something sexy like that.


  • As I stood on the corner outside the Tilted Kilt, John Weisbarth and Jenny Cavnar rolled by looking like their fine selves.  Apparently Weisbarth had been following my tweets about my search for the perfect Opening Day outfit.  He looked me up and down and was like "So that's what you came up with huh?" I got served.  I noted that Jenny didn't defend my honor.
  • I decided to go down to the Braves dugout and spotted Brooks Conrad.  He's Dex's brother in law and all around great guy.  I talked to him briefly.  I told him how excited I was for him to be playing in his hometown.  In a really laid back way he told me how much he liked Petco Park. Sometimes I forget that if you play baseball, you don't get to attend games as a fan very often. Here's a picture.
  • It was then that I circled to the Home Dugout to see if anything interesting was going on.  Saw some ball boys collecting balls in a bucket.  Mat Latos walked by and without breaking stride he picked up the bucket and dumped all the balls on the ground again. The ball boys tried to convince themselves that it was a sign that he liked them.
  • Dex ran into one of his old Sports MBA classmates.  The guy asked Dex condescendingly "How's your little blog?" Before Dex could say anything to defend himself a random fan walked by and tells Dex how much he loves Gaslamp Ball, opens his jacket to reveal a Gaslamp Ball retired numbers t-shirt and walks away. Sports MBA guy stood their kinda stunned and said "That just happened."
  • I tweeted yesterday that I thought Colbie Caillat's National Anthem was my favorite all time version.  Since then everybody has been saying the same thing, but I want you to know that I said it first.  You could hear her warming up before the game that girl has some angelic pipes.  Her voice is as smooth and as fresh as a menthol cigarette.  I hope the Padres put up some video of her performance
  • Something needs to be done about the wait time at the concession stands.  I got in a line behind 3 people and waited there for about 15 minutes and missed a good half of the 4th inning.  At one point our server just left to go to the bathroom for 5 minutes.  Lines looked long everywhere, but the service is terribly slow, makes me prefer to just go hungry.
  • Noticed some of the changes that Dex made about the ballpark this season.  Didn't notice too much change in the music choices.  It's still ridiculously loud.  We started the game up in 315 and couldn't hear our own thoughts, then moved down to 114 and it was even louder.  We were sitting with three babies and I felt bad for them, they'll probably have tinnitus by the age of three.  Turn it down already, the music isn't that good anyway.  Can't wait for Throwback Thursday when hopefully I won't have to yell to talk to the person next to me.
  • Sat in front of Akinori Otsuka. Here's a picture. He had his kids and some friends with them.  They had a weird puppet on a stick that they kept taking pictures of with the field in the background.  I tried to communicate to them that I wanted to take some of those weird pictures too, but they didn't understand me. 
  • Petco Park looked awesome, everything looked so clean and the field looked amazing.