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Open Thread, 4/12: OPENING DAY

Blue Skies over Petco
Blue Skies over Petco

I don't have many thoughts on Opening Day other than to say I'm excited for it. The 2-4 road trip to start the season along with Chris Young's annual injury have tempered my expectations and I go into today's game celebrating the little things like hot dogs and watching baseball in general. Also, the Braves are a terrific team that's been put together for a run at the World Series. Who are we to get in the way of that? I got an answer for you: We're the Padres.

JBox and Jonny Dub are already at the ballpark. The best way to get a hold of us is via Twitter direct message ('d gaslampball' NOT '@gaslampball'). I will be tweeting here and there and I expect those of you not at the game to keep it civil in here. If you ask me nicely, I have gifts on me that I will give out seemingly at random.

Doesn't it feel nice to start the season? It's just us fans now. Any bandwagon for this team isn't even a twinkle in a mama and dada bandwagon's eyes. The Padres have yet to win a game that I've written the Open Thread for. The odds are with us.