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Around the Mission: 4/12 Padres Links

<a href="">Andy Masur shows us that the tarp is off the field</a>! Play ball!
Andy Masur shows us that the tarp is off the field! Play ball!

It rained hard in the in the early morning hours but it has finally stopped. There are blue skies and dark clouds still in the sky so we'll have to see who wins out.

Just heard and interview with Colbie Caillat. This will be her first time singing the National Anthem at game. She grew up going to Dodger games, but her manager is a die hard Padres fan. Her and her guitar player are going to do an island-y acoustic rendition of the song.

  • "Headley hopes to continue fast start" by Padres Scorecard
    He already has three multi-hit games and has scored four runs with one RBI.

  • "Who's on first, no one at Padres top" by Padres Scorecard
    The Nos. 1 and two hitters in the Padres lineup have yet to score a run.

  • PADRES: Rockies' Jimenez baffles Padres again
    "I've left a lot of stuff out over the plate these early games," Garland said. "It would be good if I threw 95 mph or above, but I don't. I can't really get away with it."

  • Who's your Padre?: Padres: A Week in Review, 4/11/10 ...
    "Five games, of course, isn't much of a sample size at all. But I can see that scoring runs is still going to be a chore at times for these guys."

  • Tomahawk Talk Interview :: Friar Forecast
    I answered a few questions for Scott Humphries of the Atlanta Braves blog Tomahawk Talk.

  • Why Isn’t There More Major League Content Up? | Chicken Friars | A San Diego Padres Blog
    "I come from the sabermetric school of thought regarding baseball, maybe not as devoutly as some of the guys at Fangraphs or whatever, but strongly nonetheless."