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Petco Park concession pricing lowered for some items

Hot Dog
Hot Dog

The Padres announced their new affordable and fan friendly concessions today.

We have known for quite some time that the 5-for-$5 would not be returning this year. Peter Rowe compares it to the Padres cutting a popular player, but the 5-for-$5 wasn't just a popular player it was the 2009 MVP.

Kouzmanoff was a popular player, Caminiti was an MVP. There is a difference.

After June I think the only thing bringing me back to the ballpark was that food deal. I know that sounds crazy, it sounds crazy to me too, but the first half of the Padres season made me that way.

"While the five-for-five sold well, it caused lines," said Tom Garfinkel, club president and chief operating officer. "A lot of people just wanted a hot dog and a drink, instead of all five items."

It caused lines because it was only offered at certain concession stands and let's be honest the service at the concession stands has always been sub par. The lines are always ridiculously slow, even on slow nights, it's one of my main complaints with the ballpark.

"Like any price promotion, a price promotion is just that," he said. "They come and go."

I understand that. I just wish that there was some kind of $5 deal. If I could just get a hot dog and a soda for $5 I would be content. After all supposedly that's what most people wanted anyway. It'd be nice if they met us halfway.

The good news is that you can still bring in food and unopened water bottles into the park if any of these items don't fit your budget. So there is a cheaper alternative and I think the hats, shirts, beer and Kids Meal sound really well priced.

My favorite change this season is that the Toyota Terrace restaurants will be opened up to everybody. It's such a simple change that will hopefully let people enjoy the ballpark experience that much more.

Item Price
Kids Meal $5
Small fountain soda $4
Peanuts $4
Popcorn $4
Hot Dog $4
Bottled water $4
14 oz. domestic draft beer $5
20 oz. domestic draft beer $7.25
Plastic bottle domestic beer $7.75
20 oz. premium draft beer $8.25
Padres cap $7
Padres T-shirt $8