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Gwynn Jr. was starstruck meeting Muhammad Ali but not as starstruck as he might be if he met Michael Jordan

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We learn from the NC Times the list of of athletes that impress Anthony Keith Gwynn Jr., Muhammad Ali comes in second place.

"This is the top until I ever meet Michael Jordan," Gwynn said.

Gwynn has now met Muhammad Ali and Magic Johnson and he was starstruck to be sure, but they aren't Michael Jordan.  That kind of a back handed compliment.  So just in case Ali and Johnson aren't clear...

  1. Michael Jordan
  2. Muhammad Ali
  3. Magic Johnson

Is it just me or do a lot of guys on the Padres sound like they'd rather be playing basketball?  Here's Gwynn without a baseball player in his top 3 athletes and two of them are basketball players.

Will Venable was interviewed for an article in the Union Tribune today and he said:

"After my junior season in high school, baseball wasn’t important to me," Venable said. "I wasn’t real good at it and I had lost interest. Baseball wasn’t a priority in my life."

"I loved basketball."

I don't know for sure if Chris Young would rather be playing basketball, but I think it is safe to say.