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Spring Training Game Thread: 3/9 Padres @ Angels

Did you know that the World's longest hot dog was 60 meters long?  The World's Longest Fish Taco was only 20 feet long.  I think the Padres and Rubio's should team up and beat that Fish Taco record this year.

Andy Masur has the line up today:

Padres lineup 3/9 @ Tempe: Cabrera 6, J. Hairston 4, S. Hairston 8, Gonzalez 3, Headley 5, Blanks 7, Stairs DH, Venable 9, Torrealba 2, CY 1

Dan Hayes has the probable pitchers

#Padres to throw Young (3), R. Liz (2) and Perdomo, Quezada, Webb and Italiano for 1 each at Tempe, rain permitting.

[Note by jbox, 03/09/10 11:40 AM PST ]

Tarp is on the field, it's raining.