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Spring Training Game Thread: 3/8 Padres vs. Colorado

Let's see if Muhammod Ali's clubhouse visit did anything to motivate the team.  If the Padres lose this game, I will consider it a direct insult to the great pugilist.

In other news a dog "threw" out the first pitch and peed on the mound.  That reminds me of the time a dog snuck into the our dug out at Granite Hills High School during an SDABL baseball game and peed on one of our bats.  As gross as it was, I think it brought our hitters good luck.  So today I'm predicting a pitchers duel.

Corey Brock has the line up

Gwynn 8, Eckstein 4, Gonzalez 3, Headley 5, Blanks 7, Venable 9, Hundley 2, Cabrera 6, Correia 1