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Around the Mission: 3/6 Padres Links

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  • Rotation candidates strong vs. Mariners | News
    Bud Black was certain of one thing after the Padres' 9-3 victory over the Seattle Mariners at the Peoria Sports Complex: there are no shortage of quality arms and candidates for the spot in the rotation.

  • Headley working on swing from right side | News
    A mechanical tweak in his swing made in the offseason has Chase Headley encouraged that he will fare better against left-handed pitchers.

  • Who's your Padre?: Padres postscript: 3/5/10
    "Sean Gallagher got five of his six outs on ground balls. Good sinker today, much better than he thought he would have. Had a nice downward action to it. This is a plus pitch for him and one that could serve him well as he moves forward this month. "

  • New look, results: Latos shines in debut -
    "It drilled this woman in the shoulder," Latos said. "Nearly knocked her down. I felt a little bad for her."

  • Who’s on third? Team has many to choose from -
    "We have a lot of innings at third base," said Black, who plans to use Jerry Hairston Jr. and Mitch Canham at third as well as Headley and Darnell.

  • Padres Trail: Spring Training and Ted Leitner
    "I love listening to Ted, I think he calls a great game, but he needs to join the 21st century when providing color analysis."

  • Friars on Cardboard: A 'n' G Lies
    "I really like Adrian and I really like him being a Padre, but if Jedi Hoyer can get a ridiculous return for him that bumps the club to the next level, it'd be foolish not to."