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Adrian on remaining a Padre this season: "Why wouldn't it be fine and good?"

XX Sports Radio: Adrian Gonzalez Interview (MP3) with Darren Smith

  • This was neither a long or short off season, it was in between.
  • Adrian works out year round. Players that get tired are usually more mentally tired.
  • The style of baseball is changing for the Padres. Sandy wanted players to draw a walk or hit a home run. This new strategy is getting on base and stealing.
  • Adrian doesn't want guys trying to steal third base. He doesn't hit it to the hole at first base anyway.
  • Adrian lead the team in walks.  "I never imagined and never envisioned leading the league in that category." Last year he walked more than he struck out and learned plate discipline. His numbers are better when he doesn't chase pitches.
  • Adrian puts pressure on himself to get RBI's. He also wants to score 100 runs.
  • Gonzalez hopes to hit in the 3rd spot in the line up, so that he gets an AB in the first inning.
  • He is not working on stealing bases with Dave Roberts.  "I'm just going to have to pick my spots."
  • On answering questions about being traded. "I understand the part of the business from the media stand point"
  • "I'm not in control, I can't control my contract.  I'm under contract for the next 2 years. I can't control if I get traded or not.  The questions shouldn't be direct towards me they should be directed toward management."
  • He's not surprised that he remained a Padre in the off season. "I'm not surprised, I'm happy I'm here."
  • Adrian was surprised that Peavy was talking to him, it was unexpected.  "When I heard about it, I was like 'woah!'" It was nice to hear Peavy to talk nice about him.
  • Adrian learned it wasn't fun to be around trade speculation from Peavy's experience last year.
  • Would he be okay if he was a Padre at the end of the year? "It'd be perfectly fine. Yeah of course.  I'm from San Diego. I'm a Padre fan. I'm a Charger fan. Why wouldn't it be fine and good?"
  • Adrian and his wife are putting on an event on April 3rd to raise money for his foundation.  Attire is baseball chic which means "no flip flops".
  • "My timing was late" as expected in his first Spring Training game.
  • Gonzalez can't think of a new teammate that has impressed him.  He'll get back to us.
  • Kyle Blanks hits the longest home runs on the team.  Stairs probably hits them farther than Adrian.
  • Headley's throws are a bit different than Kouzmanoff's.