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Around the Mission: 3/4 Padres Links

  • Bell determined to add changeup to mix | News
    Padres closer Heath Bell, who almost exclusively relies on his fastball and curveball, said he's been more determined this spring to work on a changeup and actually use it more in games.

  • Family roots keep Hairstons grounded | News
    No longer will Scott and Jerry Hairston be passing ships in the night with the chance to visit briefly -- if at all -- when their teams are playing each other. The brothers, united with the Padres, will be teammates for the first time with a chance to continue the "family business."

  • Bob Scanlan - Mailbag
    Scanman explains Player Options

  • Padres getting larceny lessons -
    "You can see him prodding guys to go, the aggressive nature that he played with," manager Bud Black said.

  • Young is eager for today’s start -
    "I’m motivated. I’m hungry. I look forward to being out there."

  • "Sim game a warm-up for opener" by Padres Scorecard
    "Sidelined for a few days is infielder Lance Zawadzki, who sustained a mild ankle sprain."

  • Unfinished Business: Spring Training Countdown: 2 DAYS!!!!!
    "I guess that in all the Kouz drama I forgot who was going to replace him. Chase's got this great beard going. He's looking good."

  • Padres Trail: Adrian Gonzalez vs Mark Teixeira
    "If the Padres were unable or unwilling to honor the balance of Jake Peavy's contract (2011 - $16M, 2012 - $17M, 2013 - $22M w/ a club buyout option), why would we expect them to turn around now and offer the exact same money to Adrian Gonzalez? "

  • XX Sports Radio: Tony Gwynn Jr. Interview (MP3)
    Pitchers & Catchers reported today but TGwynn is already there! He discussed why he has optimism for 2010, what off season move he liked the most & the energy of Everth Cabrera.
  • XX Sports Radio: Jed Hoyer Part 1 and Part 2 (MP3)
    Padres GM Jed Hoyer checked in from spring training on what he's noticed about the SD sports culture vs. Boston, why he disagreed w/Bud on Kouz over Headley & thoughts on the state of the pitching staff. We wrapped up day 1 from Pads camp w/ Jed Hoyer, who discussed what he's trying to absorb from his staff & learning from Buddy Black.
  • XX Sports Radio: Nick Hundley Interview (MP3)
    Why is there such a good vibe at our 1st day at Padres Spring training? Nick Hundley stopped by to discuss why he's excited about this pitching staff & the team's chances.
  • XX Sports Radio: Scott Hairston Interview (MP3)
    It's like he never left. Scott discussed why he's glad to be back w/the Pads, what he told his brother before he signed here & what kind of role he expects.
  • XX Sports Radio: Jerry Hairston Jr. Interview (MP3)
    Now here's a guy that craves the leadership role. Jerry Hairston discussed what he's teaching Everth Cabrera, if there's any downside to playing w/his brother why he was so sick last yr.
  • XX Sports Radio: Chris Young Interview (MP3)
    CY discussed how he's feeling as he preps for his 1st start, why he doesn't get caught up in routines & why there's less drama this spring than in the past.
  • XX Sports Radio: Kyle Blanks Interview (MP3)
    He's getting ready for his 1st spring as an outfielder. Kyle Blanks discussed the adjustment, his weight loss during the off-season & why he doesn't feel entitled.
  • XX Sports Radio: Bud Black Interview (MP3)
    Who knew that the secret to the Padres success came in a bottle of Vegemite. Buddy Black discussed how he's keeping Gonzo focused amid rumors & what pitchers are front runners for the 5th spot.