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Spring Training Game Thread: 3/31, Padres vs. Royals

Last Cactus League game starting in just a few hours. Ted and Andy will be on 1700AM.

After today's game the Padres will play in Anaheim and Lake Elsinore on Thursday and Friday, then have the weekend off before turning around and heading right back to Arizona for Opening Day.  That must be an awful feeling to escape Arizona and then have to return again so soon.

Tip of the cap to good ol' FollowthePadres for providing line ups each and every day from the desert.  Check out his Padres Primer today too.

#Padres lineup today. Swing early boys! Gwynn 8, Hairston 4, Gonzalez 3, Headley 5, Venable 9, Hairston 7, Hundley 2, Zawadzki 6, Garland 1.