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DRAFT DAY!!! THURSDAY!!! GLB Fantasy rules are taking form.

I'm setting Draft Day to Thursday. It will be an autodraft, so be sure to get in there and be sure to figure out your preferences.

Here are the things you need to know about the league:

  • 7x7 scoring
  • We're getting all the standard 5x5 plus 2 extra stats for pitchers and 2 for hitters
  • Set your lineups daily (Axion, you tyrant)
  • LOB is a stat for hitters. This is a stat where you want a lower number.
  • Wonko's stat, the JBOX is another stat for hitters. You basically want a player who will hit a TON and then suck as much balls as possible in the field while also stealing bags at a high rate. MAXIMUM EXCITEMENT regardless of who you're rooting for.
  • onthemark's CC Sabathia pitching stat has been included. From what I can tell throw as many strikeouts in as many pitches as possible. Don't give up walks.
  • I am really trying to figure out if Jordan_Ming's stat will work. I am currently undecided. Wild Pitches is currently holding the 7th stat right now, but I'm open to a Jordan_Mingesque stat if need be.
I'm also not tied to LOB right now, but playing around with some of the other numbers produced crazy results (not that Wonko's and onthemark's stats didn't).
Also, just as a reminder, it's not too late to set up your own Commissioner league through Gather a few friends. Chip in a few bucks. Have access to this terrific tool. We'll provide your league a SUPER DUPER EXCLUSIVE Gaslamp Ball t-shirt. Like so exclusive, we don't even sell them.