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Jon Garland is the Opening Day Starter, but Chris Young's really the Opening Day Starter

Jon Garland was named the opening day starter, which times perfectly for Chris Young to be the starter at the Padres Home Opener on the 12th.

I'm trying to think who that sends a message to and I'm thinking it's a very crafty decision by wily old Buddy Black.

To Garland: You better not settle into this idea that all you're here to do is eat innings.

To Young: You're only our Ace when I say you're our Ace, but the fans know you and they'll see you first when we're home.

To Kevin Correia: I play no favorites. As soon as you're the man, then you're the man.

To the rest of the staff: There's like 17 of you all trying to get into the starting rotation and I'm showing you right now that I'm willing to set, as our Opening Day Starter, a guy who I've never managed during the regular season, who may not be here in 2012 much less 2011, who is obviously not our Ace (not that anybody else on the team is our Ace).

Of course, I may just be reading too much into it and giving Buddy more credit than he's due, but heck... It's a new season. I'll start him off on the right foot.