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Gaslamp Ball Fantasy Baseball is almost ready

Why am I blogging on a Sunday? ("Why are you blogging at all, you lazy sonuvabitch?" asked Winfield's Ghost).

I'm blogging to let the Fantasy Baseballers know that I'm trying to set up this league. Specifically I'm trying to get Jordan's pitching stat to work out right and I'm trying to get some of the batting stats to work right also.

A few details, I'll be emailing the owners again today, but let's figure if you want to do a live draft or an automated draft. Also, what dates work for people. Also, also, if you don't have a co-owner, let me know and I can get on it. If you've already emailed me about a co-owner and I haven't set it up, then please send a reminder.

Also, as a reminder, if you're interested in setting up your own Commissioner League at HALF THE PRICE, then set it up through Gaslamp Ball.

Use this thread to discuss amongst yourselves what you'd like to do. It's your league. I'm just here to muck things up.