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Around the Mission: 3/24 Padres Links

  • Headley reacquainted with hot corner | News
    Chase Headley's return to third base after two seasons in the outfield got off to a slow start, as, ground balls seemed to go to everyone but him. But entering Tuesday's game, he had 21 total chances, seven putouts and 12 assists to show for what started as a slow spring.

  • Stolen bases take Rockies by surprise -
    "I loved it," said Tony Gwynn Jr. "We’ve been aggressive on the bases all spring. We’re seeing the reaction from other teams."
  • What's a Picture Worth?: The Last Honest Pizza
    "...the gist is I'm a selfish bastard who won't share his pizza with Bob."

  • XX Sports Radio: Tim Stauffer Interview (MP3)
    Hacksaw talks to the Padres pitcher as he competes for a spot in the rotation.
  • XX Sports Radio: Dan Hayes Interview (MP3)
    The Padres' beat writer for the North County Times joins Hacksaw to talk about the latest goings-on in Peoria.
  • PADRES NOTES: Hoyer wants to tweak schedule
    "During the season, when do you ever wake up at 6 in the morning to get to the field? You never do that," Gonzalez said. "That really doesn't simulate the season. I would prefer to have night games and just a few day games during spring training. The weather's perfect for it."

  • Unfinished Business: Should've Won
    "I hate it when the bullpen blows it like that! It's not cool. Not cool at all. Clayton deserved that win. Argh."

  • The Friarhood - Joe Mauer signing means Adrian is a goner
    "The clear inability of the Padres Organization to draft over the last decade has become the reason that they must carry a small payroll. Instead of reloading the organization with talent (see draft picks from the 2000s), the Padres have been forced to rely on trades to remain relevant."

  • Websoulsurfer: Will the real David Eckstein please stand up
    "I understand the desire for an All Star player at 2B for the Padres (or any other position than 1B for that matter), but Eckstein has not regressed much as a Padre nor is he a poor hitter when it counts or a poor fielder at 2B."