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Ted Leitner's son shot!

Zachary Baca, 18 yr old male shot Leitner's son... allegedly
Zachary Baca, 18 yr old male shot Leitner's son... allegedly

Sportscaster Leitner credits punch with saving son’s life in shooting

He told his dad that after the brief verbal confrontation, he saw the man walking back toward him with a gun and he threw a punch. "That punch probably saved his life," said Leitner, noting that it deflected the shot downward. Ryan’s twin brother, Nicholas, who was also there, immediately drove him to the hospital.

I don't really understand how the punch saved his life.  He punched the bullet?  It doesn't matter, I guess all that matters is that Leitner's son is okay... well okay as one can be after being shot. 

Also it doesn't surprise me that the fight was started by a verbal confrontation if Leitner's gift for gab is hereditary.

Here's the Scottsdale police report.

I'm not sure how seriously to take this next Phoenix Newstime blog because they call Leitner a "Sportscasterm".

Ted Leitner, San Diego Padres Sportscasterm, Says His Son's Punch Deflected Bullet

As for Ryan Leitner's amazing punch: Sergeant Mark Clark, Scottsdale police spokesman, says investigators are still trying to determine precisely what happened but that Leitner had no injuries to his hand.

Maybe he knocked the gun itself with his fist or changed the angle of his body, resulting in a less-damaging shot. Either way, a shot to the gut is still pretty brutal.