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Around the Mission: 3/22 Padres Links

  • Sun sets on Tucson ball -
    "The Padres today make their first and only 2010 trip south to Tucson. It’s also their last one. Period."

  • PADRES NOTES: Garland not worried about sore shoulder 
    "I felt nothing, felt good," said Garland, who has an 8.22 ERA in three starts this spring. "Actually it might work out nice to take a start off. You get so many innings during the year that it's not a bad thing."

  • "Cuts and hoops in camp" by Padres Scorecard
    "So while Josh Barfield was smoothly releasing the ball in shooting his quartet to victory, other players were firing off air horns about two feet away from his ears and and setting off New Years Eve-type poppers and spraying streams of silly soap around him."

  • Websoulsurfer: Playing Pepper - Padres Predictions & Commentary
    "I am very optimistic going into this season. My prediction for 2010 is 81 wins and 3rd in the NL West."

  • XX Sports Radio: Dave Roberts Interview (MP3)
  • XX sports Radio: Andy Masur Interview (MP3)
  • XX Sports Radio: Bob Scanlan Interview (MP3)