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Video of Matt Antonelli's base hit on Friday

Taking good Spring Training pictures is difficult because your subjects are standing around and stretching most of the time. It's kind of like when you go to the zoo with the intention of taking pictures of a pride of lions killing gazelles but end up with pictures of lion butts sleeping in the corner of their enclosure.

Here's the only video I have of something actually happening. This is Matt Antonelli with a base hit in Friday night's game vs. the Dodgers

It happened right after I cheered in a feminine voice "I love your blog!....sdsuaztec4 says 'hi'" while he was in the on deck circle.  He was no more than 10 feet away but didn't flinch even though I'm pretty sure he wanted to talk shop about his blog and get twitter follower relationship advice.  Afterward I felt kind of bad that I may have distracted him, but fortunately he's 100% focus 100% the time and collected this hit.

Unfortunately we missed his home run on Saturday night due to a last minute stop at Sonic, a sell out crowd at Camelback, insane traffic and a mile long walk from the car to the front gate.



The Official Blog of Matt Antonelli: "I got a 1-0 fastball and hit a line drive single to center field to drive in one. We ended up hitting a 3 run home run a few batters later to take the 9-4 lead."

I wish I could have gotten some video of Will Venable's home run that hit the top of the batter's eye on Friday. The batter's eye is 410 feet in dead center and probably about 4 stories tall.  He CRUSHED it.  Crushed it like Channel 4 viewers crush on Cavnar.