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Around the Mission: 3/2 Padres Links

Ted Leitner and Jerry Coleman will no longer broadcast together.
Ted Leitner and Jerry Coleman will no longer broadcast together.

I'm really bummed that we'll no longer hear "What'd you do today Jerry?", it's the end of an era.

  • "Leitner, Coleman no longer on air together in 2010" by Padres Scorecard
    "Here’s something a little different: The Padres have revealed their radio broadcaster schedule for the 2010 season and Ted Leitner, the team’s No. 1 announcer, will not be in the booth for 24 games. Further, Leitner won’t work at all with Jerry Coleman, with whom he has shared the radio booth for most of the last three decades."

  • Padres shaking up the radio booth -
    "We don’t plan to make any decisions on the 2011 broadcasting mix until the end of this season," Garfinkel said.

  • The Padres Bullpen | FanGraphs Baseball
    "If the Padres fail to contend, as expected, they’ll almost certainly be shopping Heath Bell at the deadline. As long as Adams’ arm is still attached to his body, expect him to end up as the Padres closer. Given his performance as a setup man, expect him to not only succeed, but to thrive."

  • Eck: He’s got it -
    "You can’t be happy just to be here. Play mean. Don’t just be happy with your four at-bats. You’ve got a job to do. You show up, you play as hard as you can. Understand the game. Be at the right spot. If you’re not playing in the game, watch and learn from the game and try to get better in every facet of the game. Deserve to be out there."

  • mental_floss Blog " 6 Special Guest Stars at Spring Training
    "There’s no chance of him being on the major-league club, but we’re excited to have him because I think he’s going to bring a lot of enthusiasm and hard work into camp, because that’s how he goes about his business," Padres manager Bruce Bochy said.

  • Get used to it: Gonzalez is a wanted man -
    "It was definitely out of the blue," Gonzalez told the Union-Tribune’s Chris Jenkins yesterday in Arizona. "Mainly, I was telling my wife, ‘It’s kinda nice to hear an ex-teammate think that highly of you to think you can help their team.’ But I can’t control any of that. That’s not a subject I’m gonna talk about because it’s not something in which I’m involved …

  • PADRES NOTES: Young ready to take the mound
    "Any possible area that could be a potential problem, I feel like I've put in the time and effort, and my wife will testify to that."

  • David Eckstein: Not Very Good, Not a Problem – Ducksnorts
    "Maybe my expectations for 2010 are unreasonably low (certainly lower than Heath Bell’s expectations), but I don’t see Lopez making an appreciable difference in where the Padres end up in the standings this year. I also don’t see him as the long-term solution to anything."


  • The Official Blog of Matt Antonelli: TEAM WORKOUTS
    "It takes you a few at-bats against live pitching before your body and eyes get adjusted to seeing, and more importantly, hitting a 90+ mph fastball."

  • Friar John's Blog: Padres to dedicate 41st Little Padres Park today
    Padres dedicated another Little League Park

  • What's a Picture Worth?: I am on Local Cable You Know.
    "Ding, ding, ding, ding...we have a winner! Whoever took March 1st in the "Johnny Midnight's first autograph of 2010" pool, congratulations you nailed it. "

  • Padres Dedicate Little Padres Park " RJ's Fro
    RJ's Fro went to the Little Padres Park dedication and took pictures.

  • Interview With Denis Savage and John Conniff: Part 2 :: Friar Forecast
    "It was a very different draft from what we have seen in the past, especially in terms of ceiling but I really like what Alderson-Fuson regime did in the 2008 draft; Decker, Forsythe, Darnell and some sleepers in Blake Tekotte and Cole Figueroa."

  • The Friarhood - Beckham, a new Beginning?
    Friarhood takes a looks at the White Sox farm system in case there is an Adrian trade.

  • Jerry Crasnick: Scott and Jerry Hairston latest set of brothers to unite in San Diego - ESPN
    The Padres have a history of bringing brothers together on their roster. The latest example for this season: Scott and Jerry Hairston.
  • Will Adrian Gonzalez be traded? - MLB Daily Dish
    At home, Gonzalez hit a weak .244 with just 12 home runs.

  • Your morning Phil: A-Gon, Beckham, Konerko - Chicago Breaking Sports
    "The name thrown around in most of the speculation is Gordon Beckham. It would be an act of insanity to trade Beckham at this time. He is exactly the kind of player you want to build a contender around -- a homegrown young player whose salary will be affordable for the foreseeable future."