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Around the Mission: 3/18 Padres Links

  • The Friarhood - Interview with Bob Scanlan
    "I would love watching Adrian play in San Diego, and think he is a great person and influence for any team and community that he is a part of, but it is hard for me to be pragmatically optimistic about his long term future as a member of the Padres."
  • "Castro, Pelzer shifted to minor-league side" by Padres Scorecard
    "Minor-league camp just got a little more interesting with the transfer of pitcher Simon Castro from the big-league side."

  • They May Not Contend, But Pads Plan To Be In The Running
    "Stealing, of course, is not just about speed," Gwynn said. "There’s so much to learn about the pitchers and what they like to do. You want to pick the right pitches to run on. With Dave’s experience, I’ve picked up a lot from him."

  •" Antonelli, LeBlanc, Durango Impressive for the Padres this Spring
    Jonny Dub answers another question.

  • The Sacrifice Bunt:The other side of the PETCO coin
    Talkin' Park Effects

  • Mailbag: Is Oscar Salazar Any Good? – Ducksnorts
    In short, Salazar offers a potent right-handed bat and the ability to play multiple positions, albeit none well enough to merit a full-time job (to say nothing of the fact that it would make no sense for a rebuilding team to let a 31-year-old with minimal big-league experience block younger guys with equally little experience but potentially brighter futures).

  • Spring Training 2010 | Padres Headley, Gwynn on NCAA alma mater matchup - Video | Multimedia
    03.17.10: Tennessee alum Chase Headley and San Diego State alum Tony Gwynn on the upcoming NCAA tournament matchup between their schools