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Around the Mission: St. Patrick's Day Padres Links

  • PADRES: Baseball magazines not sold on the Padres' youth
    Three top publications that rank farm systems have the Padres ranked in the bottom third of the 30 major-league teams.

  • PADRES NOTES: Latos closing in on fifth spot
    That's when Black said "If Mat Latos continues to pitch well, you'll see him on the team."

  • Hot Blanks springs forward -
    "If I had a zero batting average, but I hit the ball hard every time, I’d still be happy."

  • What's a Picture Worth?: I Love Spring Training
    "You get that many guys with that much baseball experience in one room together and you hear some whoppers."

  • 619 Sports: Latos, Leblanc, Stauffer — Who’s the Padres 5th starter?
    "When it’s all over," he said, "somebody’s going to be (upset)."

  • Masterpiece at Peoria by Darren Smith
    "But I do know that this team has a much better attitude than it did a season ago and that it definitely has a better bench and bullpen. "

  • Organizational Rankings: #27 – San Diego | FanGraphs Baseball
    "Patience will be the key for Padre fans. "

  • Organizational Rankings: Future Talent – San Diego | FanGraphs Baseball
    "With a modest budget, the club needs to make every opportunity count."

  • Organizational Rankings: Current Talent – San Diego | FanGraphs Baseball
    "This might be one of the best teams that can be put together for $36 million, but this is just not a roster that can compete in either 2010 or 2011."

  • XX Sports Radio: Clayton Richard Interview (MP3)
  • Comping Cabrera: Eeyore’s Rebuttal – Ducksnorts
    I don’t know why I’m so fascinated by Everth Cabrera. He doesn’t figure to be as critical a piece of the eventual puzzle as guys like Kyle Blanks and Mat Latos, but Cabrera’s skill set intrigues me.