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Gaslamp Ball Fantasy Baseball League is a GO

The Invitations have been sent out. The rules are being laid out as we speak... Gaslamp Ball's Commissioner League is up and running! You could always get your own league, or you could follow along with us.

Now here are your contestants and I believe I am looking for two more:

1. jordan_ming and sdsuaztec4

2. TTG (yet to confirm)

3. Axion

4. Wonko

5. Section135 (yet to confirm)


7. onthemark

8. Padres_Hobo (yet to confirm)

9. Wes (yet to confirm)

10. whithd3 (yet to confirm)

We've had one invitee chicken out. I won't say who it is, other than to say he or she chickened out and I'll leave it at that.

I've also turned on multiple owners, but from what I can tell I have to manually add the second owner myself. Let me know if you have an invite already and a co-owner in mind.

Also, can you not change your team names? If you want a different team name, let me know what it is.

In other news, as commissioner, I have to be an owner, but I'd rather be more of a figurehead than an actual owner. If you would like to manage my team, please let me know.

OK. That's the logistics. I have not set a time for the league draft yet nor have the custom stat categories been finalized. If you still want in, there's still time! Let me know in the comments. If you want to co-manage a team, then you have the list of Gaslamp Ballers who can grant you that wish. Don't be shy. Now's your chance to meet someone new.


Also, the winner of any league that signs up through Gaslamp Ball will get a FREE T-SHIRT! Now, this is something super crazy exclusive because SB Nation is going to spring for the tees and they will be based on the Gaslamp Ball logo, which is something jbox and I have avoided offering because we like things to be obscure and unadvertised properly. If you sign up for your own Commissioner League, the winner of your league will get the t-shirt. I'm sure I could work it out so that the commissioner of the league also gets a shirt, but we'll see.

So sign up now! It is the bomb.

OK. Give me a bit to figure out this scoring and talk amongst yourselves a while.