Gaslamp Ball Wiki

So, even though I've been around here for right around a year, seeing all the references in the "You know you're a Gaslamp Baller if ..." fanpost made me realize how much I still don't know about all the inside jokes or references on here.

Since it seemed everyone had a blast reliving a lot of old memories and subjects, I went ahead and created a Gaslamp Ball Wiki site and it can be updated by any of you as you see fit. I figured anyone would have a blast writing about the members of Gaslamp Ball and rehashing/reliving the good times from here.

I populated a list of GLB members, players, people and inside jokes that I gathered from the Baller thread. I leave it up to you guys to add more and populate the pages.

If you've ever used Wikipedia, this should be pretty familiar (albeit far less reverent). I hope this takes off and you have fun with it.

Enough babbling, go to the Gaslamp Ball Wiki!

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